DM Group: the new name of D+M Systems and Test Ltd.

Today, DM, the United Kingdom’s leaders in test equipment calibration, international defence communications systems design and telecommunications equipment, announces the launch of its rebrand.

Originally founded in 1958 as G&E Bradley, DM has transitioned through multiple brand names. Notably, the company, in its current form, was carved out from Dowding and Mills in 2010, where its most recent brand identity originates.

“Over the years, we have greatly increased the strength, breadth and commercial performance of our services,” comments Ken Ward, Managing Director of DM. “Our new brand house reflects our in-house expertise, skills and capability across the industries we serve,” he continues.

DM, the trading name of DM Systems Group Ltd., will be the group identity. The DM brand will be supported by three pillar brands, each devised to reflect the capabilities, products and services offered by DM.

DM Calibration is the new dedicated brand name for all DM’s calibration services. The company operates a UKAS 17025 Laboratory to conduct fully traceable calibrations to the national standard. Furthermore, the company offers a mobile calibration service that delivers traceable calibration to organisations at their own sites.

DM Defence is the new dedicated name for the design and development of high performance, ultra-reliable critical communications systems. DM has been recognised as a design authority for very-low frequency communications, as used in submarine applications.

Finally, DM Products represents the arm of the company that supplies critical equipment to the telecommunications industry. This includes the Arqiva-approved personal RF monitor fieldSENSE, whose product lineup includes the 5G-ready fieldSENSE 60.

“Our undertaking of this rebrand exercise highlights our commitment to developing market-leading products and services, all geared towards serving our customers in a way no one else can,” continues Ken Ward. “The new brand house brings us immense value as a recognisable brand that reinforces our commitment to quality services and reliable products,” he concludes.

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