How to approach calibration as an MoD supplier/contractor

MoD suppliers and contractors represent one of the most demanding industries when it comes to precision engineering. Equipment is regularly pushed to the absolute limit, but also needs to be reliable enough to operate for years without risk of failure or to personnel. These suppliers and contractors face strict budgets and time periods to perform all the necessary processes to ensure the optimal operation of this equipment, with calibration being a top priority.

Defence standards such as DEF STAN outline the strict requirements for calibration in the defence industry. This is because there are cases where a single millimetre can be the difference between a successful operation and mission failure. To fulfil these requirements, UKAS accredited specialist calibration labs are a solution to precision calibration that can optimise time, cost and minimise downtime.

Specialist calibration labs

Specialist calibration labs are UKAS accredited facilities that are focused on specific mechanical and electronic services. These laboratories provide the gold standard of calibration from specialised processes whilst also being compliant with ISO 17025 and DEF STAN 05-55.

These laboratories can provide additional services that accompany a high standard of calibration for specific equipment. In the context of the defence industry, this can include communications and navigation system support to help minimise the risk of equipment in the field and ensure their reliability. For MoD suppliers and contractors, specialist labs are the solution to meet the needs of their precision engineering field.

Benefits of using a specialist calibration lab

Reliable calibration

As specialist calibration labs in defence are UKAS accredited, they are proven to be competent and inline with the list of requirements of ISO 17025. This includes thorough documentation, measurement traceability, controlled testing conditions and many more. For MoD suppliers and contractors, this results in an extremely reliable level of calibration. They can be confident in the attention to detail and precision that goes into each measurement, to the point where a miniature degree of measurement uncertainty is recorded and outlined for the client.

Minimal downtime

Specialist calibration laboratories have dedicated processes that are committed to minimising the amount of time vital defence equipment is being tested. Moreover, installation planning builds in flexibility to accommodate changes to equipment’s availability quickly and simply. The technical and practical experience of these laboratories optimise the process and minimise downtime, which is something MoD contractors and suppliers need to meet strict deadlines.

Cost savings and administrative burden

Not only do MoD contractors and suppliers have a limited budget, but an error in the calibration process can put significant strain on this budget. Because of this, specialist UKAS accredited laboratories are necessary due to their thorough processes to minimise the risk of failure. Moreover, the complete documentation of traceability and measurement uncertainty moves administrative burden from them, so they can focus on other important areas.

DM ticks all the boxes for best-in-class calibration standards for defence

Defence contractors and suppliers rely upon high-quality services to fulfil their contacts. Calibration is one of the most important of these services, as it is pivotal in ensuring the correct measurements of precise equipment.

DM is not only a specialist in the defence industry, but also the leading design authority in state-of-the-art communications and very-low-frequency range systems for naval and defence applications. Our deep technical and practical experience in the industry spans over 50 years, providing specialist calibration and communication solutions to defence forces worldwide.

To find out more about DM, the high-quality services we provide and our longstanding experience in the defence industry, contact a member of our team today.

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